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<bgsound src="" autostart="true" loop="3"> GIVE ME A LITTLE KISS

He: "Give me a little kiss"
She: "NO!"
He: "Ahhhh please, just a little one?"
She: "Unh unh!"
He: "Why?"
She: "'Cause"
He: "Ahh, Come on . . . . .

Gimme a little kiss,
Will ya, huh?
Whadda ya gonna miss,
Come on, huh?

Pretty little baby,
Why do you refuse?
Come on pretty baby
Whatcha got to lose?

Give me a little squeeze,
Come on, please?
Anything you ask I'll do

I'll take you for a little ride
Where we can be alone,
Once you kiss me
You will never think of walking home.

Give me a little kiss
Come on, please?
And I will give it right back to you.

He: "Come a little closer honey"
She: "well. . . . . "
He: "Come on. . ."
She: "Like this?"
He: "Just a little closer"

She: "uh unhhhh!"

Gimme a little squeeze,
Come on, please?
Why do you wanna make me blue?

I wouldn't say a word
If I were asking for the world,
What's a little kiss
Between a fella and his girl?

Gimme a little kiss,
Come on, Please?
And I'll give it right back to you.

And I'll give it right back to you!


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