Jazz and the Pumpkin Man
by Colin Abrams (age 6)

This little boy, whose name is Jazz, went camping in the woods with his friends. They were getting fire wood for the fire when Jazz noticed his friends were gone!!

They were sucked up by vampires! Jazz got really scared. He went into the tent to be protected from the vampires.

Zombies came out! Ahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Owls came out! Who who who whoooooooooo!

Guess what the vampire's secret weapon was?? The pumpkin man!!!

The pumpkin man ripped open the tent and took Jazz through the woods into his secret lab in a dark scary bear cave.

Then came robot man! He beat the pumpkin man with his mighty hammer. He killed the vampire and zombies and fed them to the bears!

Then Robot man took the boy home and that is the end of the pumpkin man!

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