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Kindness isn't sacrifice,
Or giving alms, my lad-
It isn't simply sharing happiness
With someone who is sad.

Kindness is a soothing light,
That seeks out darkened hearts.
And makes them flame with new-found hope,
New joy-and then departs

Kindness is a merry song
Turned loose upon the air-
A musical guardian of our joy-
A foeman of despair!

Kindness is unselfish thought,
Unselfish friendly deed.
Inspired by the wish to aid
Some brother who is in need.

Kindness is forgetfulness
Of our own worldly aims,
Forgetfulness of all but this;
Our need neighbors' claims.

Kindness is a loving guide
That shows us how to live,
A treasure, which the more we spend
The more we have to give!

author: Nick Kenny

taken from 'The Photo News' (Monroe N.Y.)
1/5/01 edition


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