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Oct 28,1995-Sept 10,1999

My beloved St. Bernard

Cody Bear was only 4 years old
When he was suddenly taken away.
My protector and my beloved friend.
Could brighten my darkest day.

Although he was quite large,
He was ever so gentle and loving.
He greeted me when I came home
Always forgiving me for leaving.

And if I had to leave his side,
For only a brief moment or two,
He was always happy when I returned,
And greeted me as only he could do.

I spoiled him rotten, that I know,
But he was everything to me.
He was my beautiful Cody Bear,
My companion, friend and "baby".

In a box marked with a St.Bernard,
Now rests my special friend.
I miss him so, but I know,
He's waiting to greet me once again.