From the tomb of the unknown soldier
To the silver-haired crowns of our fathers,
From the shores of Tripoli
To the Pacific's pearl-green waters,

I wish to give tribute,
A four starred salute today,
For those who faught so bravely,
For our freedom and American way.

We take our rights for granted,
But they were earned in blue-red blood
And courage beyond the call of duty,
In France's cold, wet mud.

Beginning with the Revolution
Through the Saudi Arabian sands
Men have faught and suffered
And died on foreign lands.

So salute this Memorial Day
And many more to come.
Through blood and guts and glory
Our freedom has been won.

This poem was written by John Alton Robinson
of West Monroe, La. He originally penned
it with Veterans Day in mind, but said it
would apply equally apply to Memorial Day.
(from Ann Landers 5-31-99)

Americans United

by:Gloria Dianne

Americans united
Forged through history,
Exploring our vast boundrys
Of land and sky and sea.

For without our brave heros
Our country would not be
A home built from sacrifice,
For peace and liberty

Americans united
In quest of freedom sing,
Praises to it's great heros
So bold and brave and daring.

Soar on oh mighty nation,
Our allegiance will not stray..
Soar on in quest of freedom,
Spirit of the U.S.A!

Dedicated to my dad, a WWII Veteran

Unselfishly, you left
Your fathers and your mothers,
You left behind
Your sisters and your brothers.

Leaving your beloved
Children and wives,
You put on hold,
Your dreams—your lives.
On foreign soil,
You found yourself planted,
To fight for those
Whose freedom you granted.

Without your sacrifice,
Their cause would be lost.
But you carried onward,
No matter the cost.
Many horrors you had
Endured and seen.
Many faces had
Haunted your dreams.

You cheered as your enemies
Littered the ground;
You cried as your brothers
Fell all around.
  When it was over,
You all came back home,
Some were left with memories
To face all alone;

Some found themselves
In the company of friends,
As their crosses cast shadows
Across the land.

  Those who survived
Were forever scarred.
Emotionally, physically,
Permanently marred.

Those who did not
Now sleep eternally,
'Neath the ground they had given
Their lives to keep free.

  With a hand upon
My heart I feel,
The pride and respect,
My reverence is revealed.

In the tears that now
Stream down my upturned face,
As our flag waves above you,
In her glory and grace.

  Freedom was the gift
That you unselfishly gave,
Pain and death was the price
That you ultimately paid.

Every day I give
My utmost admiration.
To those who had fought
To defend our nation.

By:Karla W. Daigle 5/30/98

A man has not lived,
until he has almost died.
For those who have fought,
Life has a flavor
The protected will never know.

Signed, Vietnam Veteran

(The above was found written in pencil on the
metal seat  back of a bus in northern
Thailand many, many years ago.)

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