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My Prayer for the New Year

by: Gloria Dianne

Dear Lord,

As this holiday season comes to an end,
With the beginning of a new year,
Help us remember the reason
For this season of good will and cheer.

Bless all those precious tiny tots
With their unwrapped Christmas toys,
Who still will be, as the year goes by,
Impoverished girls and boys.

We serve the hungry a holiday meal,
Spreading our Christmas cheer.
Lord, please never let us forget,
One meal won't last all year.

Lord, bless each and everyone of us,
Please help us to always remember,
The poor and unfortunate souls,
Not only in December.

Comfort the young and troubled souls,
And those who have lost their way.
Help us to resolve our diferences
In a loving, peaceful way.

Show us how to have peace on earth,
With only good will toward men.
Not just for one single day,
But, all year long. Amen.

I wish to take this
Opportunity to wish
You and yours a very
Happy and healthy New Year!

"May the Lord bless
You and keep you,
May His countenance
Shine upon you,
And give you peace."


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